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5 Moo Do Values

"The Five Moo Do values of History, Tradition, Philosophy, Discipline/Respect, and Technique, are the backbones of our proud Moo Do identity. These values coexist interdependently with each element strengthening the meaning of the other four. When we apply the Five Moo Do values to our daily training we strengthen our self not only as a Moo Do practitioner, but also as an individual who provides a positive influence within our society."

– HC Hwang

Five Moo Do Values

1- History- "Yuk Sa" (Yuk – taking part, experience; Sa – History, Recording)

2- Tradition- "Jun Tong" (Jun – transmit; Tong – govern)

3- Discipline and Respect- "Ki Khang / Jon Kyong" (Ki Khang – principle, rule ethics; Jon Kyung – respect, high regard)

4- Philosophy- "Chul Huk" (Chul – sagacious, bright; Hak – learn, study)

5- Technique- "Ki Sool" (Ki – skill; Sool – artifice)

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