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How Soo Bahk Do Began

The Moo Duk Kwan The Moo Duk Kwan (武德館 - "Martial Virtue") school was formed in 1945 by Grandmaster Hwang Kee after the occupation of Korea by the Japanese had ended (along with the imposed ban on Martial Arts schools). In 1994 Soo Bahk Do, originally referred to as Hwa Soo Do (Art of the Flower Hand) and later Tang Soo Do, became the official trademarked style practiced under Moo Duk Kwan to differentiate it from its offshoots and assure Grandmaster's standards of excellence and quality throughout the organization. This unique non-profit martial arts education organization serves to ensure consistency and uniformity in Soo Bahk Do schools all over the world.

Soo Bahk Do Soo Bahk Do is a unique traditional Korean martial arts style. Based from the ancient Korean system of Soo Bahk Ki passed down from the Ku Ko Ryu Dynasty over 2000 years ago, Soo Bahk Do is the oldest known Korean martial art form. Soo Bahk Do (手搏道 - "Hand Strike Way") is a defensive style that employs only the hands and feet. It is a versatile, balanced, hard and soft style which uses both fast striking techniques and slow flowing motion. Its emphasis on intensive physical and mental training serve not only to achieve optimum facility of the body but also strength in spirit.

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