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Many styles teach effective self-defense and fighting principles but Soo Bahk Do offers much more than just that. Learning fighting techniques without a strong philosophy is to burden society with more dangerous people.


We use Soo Bahk Do to realize our full potential and emphasize “Virtue in action”. Demonstrating courage, discipline, confidence and humility through our sincere efforts in training and our behavior towards others. You won’t just hear our philosophy, you’ll see it in action. This is what makes Soo Bahk Do very different.




Master Daniel Bannard

(8th Degree Black Belt)

Over 48 years of training and teaching experience.

>>Soo Bahk Do Certified Master Instructor<<


Soo Bahk Do of Cary                                Located Inside 

HOPE COMMUNITY CHURCH (APEX CAMPUS)  room #14                                                             2080 E Williams St, Apex, NC 27539

Please do not call Hope Community Church directly, we only rent space there.

Phone: (919) 461 8400 

The Bannard Center     

                                    Dr. Bannards wellness center takes calls for Soo Bahk Do of Cary


>>Certified Studio<<


Translated literally, Moo Duk Kwan means “Institute of Martial Virtue”. It is the scientific use of the body in methods of self-defense, combined with a strict philosophy guiding the practitioner towards discovering their full potential. Soo Bahk Do forges a body towards gaining ultimate use of its faculties through intensive physical and mental training.


It is the art of self-defense and philosophy that’s secrets cannot be bought at any price other than serious and rigorous training. It is an art tempered on the lawns of Buddhist monasteries, against the steel of wandering bandits and on the fields of combat. Its history is a long and honorable one and you are now part of it.

A Message from Master Daniel Bannard:

Welcome to Soo Bahk Do of Cary!

If you would like to join a class, please call us first! It is important to first place you in the appropriate class for your skill level. Thanks!







Soo Bahk Do of Cary

( located Inside Hope Community Church Apex Campus room #14)

2080 E Williams street



   The Bannard Center

please do not call Hope Community Church directly. We are not affiliated or endorsed, we simply rent space.

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